Our new home

Hi there everyone

I know I haven’t been writing much recently but that’s because it’s all been a bit strange.

Remember when I said something 2as going on? Well I wasn’t wrong.


One minute we were in London, the next minute, KAPOW!, we’re in the place I told you about. It was really weird at first and way too quiet.

Him says we “mooved”  which is weird cos I haven’t seen any cows and I don’t like mooing, I’m a barker! Loads of sheep though which Him won’t let me chase. I only want to play but he’s a spoil sport, says I’m not allowed.

Even if I’m not allowed to play with the sheep it’s a pretty cool place, the park goes on forever! Him calls it the “countryside” which is a funny name for a park.


Anyway, I’m making loads of new friends so I’ll tell you all about them soon.

Stay pawesome!


Daisy x

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