Hey Guys! I’ve made a new friend! This is Molly.


She’s a six-month old cocker spaniel and she’s really fun!
She likes going out to play with her toys and going to the beach.


She claims she has a Him and a Her and two Littles too, (I thought there was only one Him, only one Her, and only one Little, and they belong to me!)

This is her with her Littles when she was a pupper.


She’s quite a little rascal, though! That’s what makes her so fun, see! Once, when she was younger, her family left SEVENTY HUMAN POUNDS on the table, she told me, so Molly just jumped up and ran off with it. Told you she was cheeky!


She acts all weird and all cutsie-wootsie when she’s around her family (and any other humans) because they all think she’s CUTE! I can’t believe it! I’M the cutest! Though I must admit, she is kinda cuteish… if you like that sort of thing.


She likes to sleep on her back like a human when she’s at her house and she looks very funny when she does it.


Funny Molly!

Stay pawsome,


Daisy X

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