Something’s going on!

Oh bloomineck!

Something’s going on!

Well, what can I say? I’ve been up and down and down and up so much I’m getting dizzy (like Mindy when she chases her tail lol).

Him told me to jump in the car a few weeks ago and we went for ages. Not just to the park or anything, flippin’ aaaaaages. Him let me out of the car and we weren’t even at A park let alone THE park. We were just at another blooming’ house!

Him opened the door and we went in and it smelled really funny, not like our house where it smells like fox poo and me a Poodle Bonce and stuff. It didn’t even smell like dogs at all.


Anyway, Him opened the back door and said “What do you think of this Daisy? Your own garden!”

Stupid human, this isn’t my garden. It’s not my house for a start and it’s covered in plastic and mud.



We were there for ages, like days. I met a new friend called Ted who is a Border Collie who lives in a place called Harrold (Him always pronounces it ‘Haaarrooooooold!’ and it makes him chuckle for some reason) and we went some some amazing walks.

In between walks we were at the “new house”. Don’t know why Him keeps calling it that as it’s actually quite old but I think he’s trying to make it look new because he’s been painting everything (which flippin’ STINKS!) and he’s made the garden less muddy and put green carpet on it.


It’s nice and sunny and there’s fabby walks and stuff but I still don’t know what’s going on.

Then Her and Poodle Bonce turned up! She was painting stuff too and cleaning everything and then all the stuff from London started to turn up.

There isn’t going to be anything left in our house if they keep bringing it all here.

This is weird.

I’ll tell you what’s going on once I can work it out.


D x


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