The one where we went to the Highlands (part 1)


You’ll never guess where I’ve been!

Him stuck me in the van last week and we were in it all blooming’ day! Him kept huffing and puffing and whinging about the traffic or something and “this is s’posed to be a motorway not a car park.” No idea what he was going on about but anyway, it took way longer than it normally does to get to the park and then when we got there it wasn’t the park at all!

It was Glasgow!!

I’ve been to Glasgow loads of times. It’s in Scotland and it’s where Little lives.


This is Little. She calls Him “Daddy” which is a bit weird but if that’s what she wants to do even though his name’s actually Him, who am I to stop her?

Sooooo, this is what happened.


We had a day of playing and then we got into the van again (yawn!!!) but this time with Little.

We went for ages but this time we kept stopping for Him and Little to take photos (the one at the top is of me in Glen Orchy). It was so boring! No squirrels to chase, no rabbits, nothing. Just “beautiful scenery and mountains” and stuff. Booooring!

We did get out at Fort William to have a wander. I had a paddle in Loch Linnhe while Him made stones bounce on the calm water. I kept trying to catch them but I hate getting wet so I just barked a lot. Bahahahaaaa!


After that we carried on in the van for a bit and ended up on the Isle of Skye.

Erm, WOW!

So many walks I can’t begin to tell you.


We slept in the van at night and during the day we went walking all over the place.


We saw Grouse and Puffins and Red Squirrells and even an Eagle. Him was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any Red Deer but by the sound of it I don’t think I would have liked them anyway. A bit too big and spikey for me.


One day we walked for miles and miles and ended up at a place called The Fairy Pools which was great. I don’t know what the fuss was all about with everyone looking at the waterfalls and stuff, it was great because I got to do loads of wees on all sorts of cool stuff and bark at all the other dogs that had gone for a walk there too.



Adventure dog, that’s me!

Anyway, that’s enough for now. Next time I’ll tell you about the rest of the trip when we went to visit the Loch Ness Monster and went to the top of the world!

See you soon.


Daisy x

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