The one where Lenny got stuck

Lenny, Lenny, Lenny.

Loony Len we call him.

I’ve never met another dog who’s quite as much of a loony as Len.

We love Lenny and Lenny loves everyone and everything.

When he gets to the park he runs round shouting “Aren’t parks brilliant?!”

“Hey, a squirrel! Aren’t squirrels brilliant?!”

“Sticks! Sticks are brilliant!”

“Hey a ball!”


But then one day he decided the pond was brilliant.

This was his first mistake.

So, we were in the park and Lenny wandered off (he does that sometimes). All of a sudden there was a big SPLOSH! and a lot Lenny shouting “HELP!” so we all ran over to where the shouting was coming from and there he was, stuck on the island in the middle of the pond.

He’d jumped in to play with the ducks but forgotten that, even though he’s a spaniel, he’s not great at swimming. He’s doggy paddled into the middle and climbed up onto the little island in the middle of the pond.

Soooo, Him had to take his trousers off and wade in to rescue Loony Len!

Him said something about the water being veeery cold but we all lined up and laaaaughed at them both.


Poor old Lenny. He never went back in the pond (and neither did Him!).

See you soon.


Daisy x

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