The one where Rocky had a haircut

Ok, so you remember I had a haircut last week?

Him does my Barnet (that’s hair for those of you who don’t know rhyming slang. Barnet Fair = hair). He does it in the bathroom with the clippers.

That’s not good enough for Poodle-bonce though. He has to go to the hairdressers because he’s a Poodle and he thinks he’s posh.


Him says he likes Poodle-bonce when he’s all curly but Her says it makes him look fat, lmfto (laughing my foxy tail off).

So anyway, Him took the Rocky-Poodle-Dude in to see the ladies this morning.


He pretends not to like it so he gets picked up for cuddles but he loves it really, ‘specially coming out smelling all perfumey with a fancy bow on his collar. Personally, I prefer a dab of fox poo behind each ear but there’s no accounting for taste is there?

Her picked him up when he was ready. He used to get this poodley haircut but Him said it made him look like Bonnie Langford so now he gets a proper boy’s haircut.

Rocky reckons he’s ready for summer and he’s going to get a suntan.


I have to admit he looks smart but Oh My Dog, he smells like a girl.


See you soon


Daisy x

2 thoughts on “The one where Rocky had a haircut

  1. Rocky looks so handsome . Hugs to Daisy and Rocky, miss you xxx


    1. Miss you too
      Love D & R (and Him and Her) xx


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