Welcome to the world of Crazy Daisy

Hi there

I’m Daisy and I’m the boss.

Just so you know the rules, all toys are mine, all tennis balls are mine, all chews are mine and that spot on the sofa is MINE.


So, where shall I start?

Well, this is me. I’m a bit of a looker even if I do say so myself.


I grew up in a tower block in Hackney in East London (that’s London, the capital of England where the Queen of the humans lives). The humans I used to live with didn’t look after me very well and I never got to go out then one day they decided that it would be best if I went and lived somewhere else.

Two other humans came to the flat I was living in. I said hello in my best voice and they seemed to be very pleased to meet me, which is good because I love humans (well, most of them). The next thing I knew I was leaving the flat! I hadn’t been out of that flat since as long as I could remember.

It was a bit weird to be honest.

I only had the balcony before and that was a long way up and I only had the pigeons to talk to (I HATE PIGEONS!) so going outside and into the weird, noisy, wheelie-box was a bit strange but I went with it.

So to cut long story short we ended up in a new home on totally the other side of London.

Apparently it’s ‘posh’ (according to Rocky).

Rocky came to live with us not long after we started living in the new home. He’s a poodle (I know, right?) but he’s my best friend in the whole world.


It’s not just us though. There’s the two humans too.

They call each other a lot of different names and I’m not sure which one’s they like best so we just call them ‘Him’ and ‘Her’. We’ve got a different wheelie-box now, Him and Her call it ‘the van’ (very mysterious) but it’s got a bed in it and food and toys and stuff. Rocky thought he’d try to drive once (poodles!) but he couldn’t reach the pedals so we leave it to Him.

This is me looking after Rocky when he was little. He can be a pain sometimes but he’s cute.

D and R first sleepover

Anyway, we’ve been on loads of adventures and there’s more coming up so I’ll tell you all about them and all our friends another time.

I hope you enjoy our stories and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Daisy x

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